ako'y sayo at ika'y akin lamang (English translation)

English translation

I'm yours and You are Only Mine

Versions: #1#2
Verse I:
You already told it
That you loved me so much more
and you said it so
That your love for me will never change
And oh!.. but....why?
Everytime I close to you
You go away...(And then you go away)
My heart... is getting hurt
When I see you with someone else
And still they don't know
that we promised together,
That I'm always Yours
And you are only mine.
Verse II:
Even though what happens
My endless Love still remains
and whatever they do
Or what they say to you
Is only you.
Oh my Love!...
I will wait for you
Until the End of time
Trust me now
Even reach and touch the sky of Heaven above
And if we lost each other
I will please Almighty GOD
To search and to find you
and to say this
and to make you realize
the forgotten promise of ours
That I'm always Yours
And you are only mine.
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Composed by: tag, tan, mOojo =)

Tagalog (dialects)

ako'y sayo at ika'y akin lamang

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pnxstan23    Fri, 12/03/2010 - 00:44

Ako'y Sayo at ika'y akin lamang (English Version)

Composed by: tag,tan & mOojo
w/ epecial part. wafu..:)