Al ballo mascherato (English translation)

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At the masked ball

Christ addict too many defeats
yield to the complicity
That exposes the Nobel of a convenience
Any of Award of Excellence.
Maria now ignored by a wily Oedipus
mimics a nostalgia for her birthday,
I bring the bomb with my novelty,
That he made the bomb His debut in society,
the masked ball of the celebrity.
At the door of Dante's Paolo and Francesca
spy who does it better Than him:
tells you there behind a normal love
But he will then make it so brilliant.
And the journey hell now do it yourself
with envy last left it there under a sheet,
surprise at the door of happiness
Spared the bomb has the normal,
the masked ball of the celebrity.
The bomb has a gentle nature
But driven by fairness
disrupts the intimacy Improbable
an Apparent statue of the Pieta.
Grimilde of Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty,
No Longer Rivals now your vanity
and the game of mirrors will not be repeated
"I am more beautiful, or the statue of the Pieta"
after the masked ball of the celebrity.
Nelson ripped from His carnival
His identity chases
and looks for His mask, pride, style,
committed to always win and never die.
Then hat by now in tatters
try to pull the rabbit of His Trafalgar
and in His agony, sprinkled here and there,
Also begs Jointly owned St. Helena,
at the masked ball of the celebrity.
My father claims aspirin and affection
and stumbles in His authority,
relies on a dressing gown her latest role
But after he explodes, before the decoration.
My mother approves of shattered mirror,
Should she accept with serenity the bomb,
martyrdom is her job, her vanity,
But Now Accepts only to die half
ITS share is still alive Makes Such pity,
at the masked ball of the celebrity.
Someone left the moon in the bathroom
Turned on only half
The Little That I need to count the dead,
Their fragility of amaze me,
and you can now remove my foot from my neck
friend who Taught me the "how to"
if not, I'll take you back a Few Minutes
I'll put you in conversation, you sit up there
Between Nelson and the statue of the Pieta,
at the masked ball of the celebrity.
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Al ballo mascherato

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