Al-Geseera (القصيرة) (English translation)


Al-Geseera (القصيرة)

اوي اوي اوي ع الدلع
اوي اوي اوي قلبي انشلع اوي
حبو حبو القصيرة
حلوه حلوه و خطيرة
لومهما تكبر
تبقى صغيرة
ماكنت اعرف لين
حبيت ست الزين
الطول بس شبرين
وفي عيني كبيرة
بسكوتة هاليدين
كتكوتة تملى العين
الطول بس شبرين
وفي عيني كبيرة
اوي اوي اوي ع الدلع اوي
اوي اوي اوي قلبي انشلع اوي
كل ما وقفتي حدي
الناس تحسبك بنتي
لو لبستيلي وردي
قالو بنتك اميرة
اواه اواه اواه هاذا الشكل ما اقواه
سبحان من سواه
ورد وعبيره
اسمي بلسانك غير
صوتك الو تأثير
وشلون بس ما اغير
وعينك مثيرة
اه من خف وزنك
غارو ذولاك منك
انتي من كثر حسنك
ضاع شعب الجزيرة
يادمك الشربات
انتي عليك حركات
افرح معك بالذات
يا احلى سيره
كيفي احب هالطول
حبيبي زغلول
خلي الي يقول يقول
محروق غيره
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English translation

The Shorty

Oh, oh, oh, such cuteness
Oh, oh, oh my heart was set on fire
Oh, love the shorty, go on and love her
She's so sweet and wild
No matter how much she grows
she remains little
I don't know how
I fell in love with this magnificent beauty
She's two inches tall1
But in my eyes she is so grand
Her hands are as delicate as biscuits
She's such a sweetheart who is a sight for sore eyes
She's two inches tall1
But in my eyes she is so grand
Oh, oh, oh, such cuteness
Oh, oh, oh my heart was set on fire
Whenever you stand by my side
People mistake you for my daughter
If you wear pink for me
They say your daughter is a princess2
Oh Oh Oh, I can't resist her form
Glory to Him who created her,
along with her roses and her fragrance
My name when said by your tongue is something else
Your voice has such an impact
And how can I not be jealous
When your eyes are thrilling
Oh, because you are so light in weight
your haters got jealous
Because of your extreme beauty
The young men of the peninsula went mad
Oh, you are so humorous and sweet
You have such moves...
I become happy with you specifically
You are the sweetest topic
How can I love someone with that height?
My darling is a cutie
Let whoever wants to talk talk,
I don't give a damn about anyone but her3
  • 1. a. b. Blatant exaggeration obviously, it's an expression that means she's really short.
  • 2. This doesn't sound at all as creepy in Arabic.
  • 3. Literally: may they burn.
Let me know if you have any questions about my translation. Good luck.
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