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Ashen Eyes

The ship was going to leave
The sky was as grey
As ash, or her eyes...
I had to leave
My fakir soul was punctured.
The war ended
I was like those who wander disguised
My feeble demeanor was counting the moles, saving them for myself forever...
It was the goodbye of open hands
Knowing that nevermore,
Or maybe sometime,
I don't know which is worse...
I hope she banishes love
or I stay silent.
Oh! I don't know which is worse anymore...
Her hand forgave, brushing the heart to my heartbeats...
So alone, they listened to the the steps of their perverted high heels
For a singular warmth that shines on the loser
And till forever
Another life awaits you, and you are queen though you clean stairs
The queen that sung with the innocent voice of a princess (instrumental)
Fifty years have passed, and a letter has come to me
I know now that she got married and was happy
I remember her ashen eyes as I left, and I dream that it wasn't forever...
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