Plácido Domingo - Alborada (English translation)

English translation


In the journey of life
everything can happen;
fears, mistakes and doubts
that don't allow you to grow.
There are sorrows, there are wounds,
clouds that block your vision,
until a new path
opens up a blue sky of faith.
And so the Dawn is born,
with a great sunrise.
A miracle arises and a harvest...
the treasures that are in me.
When my Dawn comes,
When I'm born again
to go challenging destiny...
a world will open up for me.
How long, Dawn,
I have struggled, and now that at last
you have opened your door for me---
my suffering was not in vain.
Dawn, today you show me
that one can smile,
so through you I know now what exists...
a thousand paths to follow.
I appreciate, Dawn,
that light that shines in me.
Today your love has given me
the virtue to be happy.
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