Jacques Brel - Aldonza (English translation)

  • Artist: Jacques Brel (Jacques Romain Georges Brel)
  • Featuring artist: Joan Diener
  • Album: L'homme de la Mancha (1968)
  • Song: Aldonza
English translation


I was born like a bitch on a rainy night.
I was born and my mother left, singing,
and I know nothing of her except the hatred I feel for her.
I should have been born dying.
And then of course there's my father. People often say
that girls keep their fathers deep inside their hearts,
but I never knew my father, for my father was many.
My father was a regiment.
I can't even say whether they were Andalusian or Prussian.
Did they die up north? Did they die down south?
I have no idea!
A Lady? And how does he think I could be a Lady?
I grew up like a bitch, from crossroad to crossroad.
I grew up too early, on the straw meant for the mules.
From soldier to soldier, from low-life to low-life,
I knew the benefits of love.
And I live like an animal, I do it like you would blow your nose,
and I live on, not knowing why, nor for what, nor for whom.
For a penny I get up, for two pence I lie down,
for three pence I do whatever you want!
If you hardly believe me, come and behold for three pence
the remains of the craziest bride of the most crooked brigand on earth.
Now dispell your clouds and look at me like I truly am.
A Lady, a true Lady has a virtue, a soul.
God be damned, of all the bastards I knew,
you who speak of stars, you who point at the skies,
you sure are the most infamous, the most cruel ever.
Hit me, I'd rather taste your whip than your pipe dreams.
Hit me till I burn, till I fall, till I lie on the ground,
but keep your tenderness to yourself, give me back my despair.
I was born on manure, and that's where I'm headed.
Now please, I beg you, no more talk about Dulcinea.
Can't you see I'm nothing? I'm but Aldonza the whore.
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Very dark, but quite powerful lyrics.