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Algir - Stien klarnar (English translation)


Algir - Stien klarnar

Lat togna tale...
I stilla finn eg
vegen inn...
...til det som gror
og stiane dekkjer.
Tognas tunge
synar gamle stiar,
til den som søkjer
Algirs velde.
Vinden fer
fram, fram.
Kviskrar i trea.
Riv i meg.
Eg stig opp frå meg sjøl.
Stien klarnar,
togna talar.
Eg kallar deg
til gamle tråkk.
I kveld vil eg lytte...
...til det som gror
og stiane dekkjer.
Ravn flyg i himmelhjul,
i skogen gjestar gammel tul.
Submitted by TrampGuyTrampGuy on Tue, 25/06/2013 - 18:02
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Algir - The path is clearing

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Let the silence speak...
In the silence I find
the way inside...
...To that which grows
and the paths cover.
The tongue of silence
shows old paths,
to those who seek
Algirs reign.
The wind goes
forwards, forwards.
Whispers in the trees.
Tears at me.
I rise up from myself.
The path is clearing,
the silence is speaking.
I call upon you,
to old trails.
Tonight I will listen...
...To that which grows
and the paths cover.
Ravens fly in skywheels,
an old wise man visits the forest.
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Submitted by NamWanNamWan on Wed, 01/10/2014 - 20:49
Added in reply to request by SlovakiaSlovakia
Author's comments:

Stor-tul: storgjæv vismann og rite-leiar.
Stor-tul: noble wise man and ritual leader.
So I figured tul must simply mean man. Could be wrong.
So the last line literally means "in the forest guests old man".
But I don't think you can use guest as a verb in English, so I modified it a bit.
Also, I have no idea what "himmelhjul" is, so you'll have to make do with a literal translation of the word.

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