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Algir - Tognatale (English translation)


Algir - Tognatale

Ravnen flyg i himmelhjul,
i skogen gjestar gamal tul.
Stien klarnar,
togna talar.
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Algir - Silence Speaks

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The raven flies in the sky-wheel,
the old thul visits the forest.
The path becomes clear,
silence speaks.
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Submitted by GaldrakonaGaldrakona on Fri, 03/06/2016 - 21:44
Author's comments:

- A more literal translation of "Tognatale" would be "silence-speech" or "speech of silence".
- The sky-wheel is a concept of Norse cosmology. The heavens are on a great wheel that turns around a nail or hub, the North Star.
- The thul was an important male spiritual figure in Norse society and Odin was also called "Fimbul-Þulr", the Great Thul. What this word meant throughout the centuries is hard for us to fully reconstruct, so it's best to leave it untranslated and read up on it. No English word does it full justice, not even the Anglo-Saxon "thyle", but it should be noted that Þulr is a word associated with public speech or recital (silence speaks - who is the thul?)

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