For all I care

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For all I care (English) — إبداء عدم الاهتمام: لا يعنيني

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For all I care — I don't care (if something were to happen); it doesn't concern me. The phrase is said to show that something is not important; it always precedes or follows some hypothetical situation.

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Translations of "For all I care"

Russianмне-то что

"For all I care" in lyrics

Now we are here again
Up here on your roof
The whole world down there can for all i care
Go under tonight
Are we for the last time together

Tokio Hotel - Der letzte Tag

'Cause so are you
Broke our mirrors
Sunday morning is everyday
For all I care
And I'm not scared
Light my candles in a daze

Nirvana - Lithium

I'm always the best when it doesn't matter to me.
I'm always the best when no one throws a spoke in my wheel*.
I'm always the best - second-, third- or tenth-best.
For all I care, also sometimes not the best.
I don't need to test it.
Not again

Die Ärzte - Song of Failure

You’re nasty, just like Condolezza Rice ⁷
Came across the desert riding a grey horse
Your little girlfriend rode on my dick *yeah*
For all I care, you can call me anti-gay
But I’ll still call you the stupid white man
Why then do you think I show you mercy, bastard?

Bushido - 911 (explicit)

No, there's no bigger lie than that

The snake which doesn't bite me could live for a thousand year for all I care*
I gossip and enjoy myself
Gum in my mouth, purse in my hand

maNga - I Was Born at the End of the World

Hide in the tower, hide in the tower
hide in the tower, hide in the tower

For all I care cause I hear you so
and how I hate you so
will the church protect me

Lost in the Trees - All Alone in an Empty House

Send them to the Schwarzwaldklinik
For all I care to the Schwarzwaldklinik
Just somewhere else!

Die Toten Hosen - Schwarzwaldklinik

No! There's no bigger lie than that

The one who doesn't bother me can live a thousand for all I care
I gossip and enjoy myself
Gum in my mouth, purse in my hand

maNga - I was born at the end of the world

And now we're here again
Up on your roof so high
The whole world can just go to hell
For all I care tonight
I can feel the end is near
It all has come as we had feared

Tokio Hotel - Final Day

For all I care, you can try to get me away from you with 90,000 jet planes.
Not gonna happen. I'll take my jacket off and lean casually against the wall.


A meadow -- of middle-fingers -- blooms in front of my door. But I'll laugh up my sleeve and finally let light into the room again.

Flo Mega - After the Burnout

You cannot bear
And I say gimme mine
Back and then go there
For all I care
I got my feet
On the ground

Fiona Apple - Sleep To Dream

Johnny Walker
That you're the face of the devil.
Johnny Walker
You can roast me for all I care.
I feel like a king!

Marius Müller-Westernhagen - Johnny W.

I hate rules and restrictions
Because I don’t care for them
I look good even without fashion
For all I care I sing with a scarf only

You let yourself be ruled, activate yourself remote-controlled

Killerpilze - Remote-controlled

Every time I hear this song
then I think of you.
The world can go ballistic
for all I care.
Every time I hear this song,
I know how lucky I am.

Kris - Every Time I Hear This Song

I am your Ismael

You said "I miss the life I had in 1997"
I said "Just be a quitter for all I care"

I was born in a hospital

Kent - Ismael

I'd like to tell some people for once
what they can do to me, which is kissing my ass<fn>literally this line would be "what they can me, namley crosswise"</fn>
for all I care (it can be) live and with verve<fn>more lit. "with having gathered speed"</fn> - in full colour<fn>the "full" is missing in the original but that's the way it's expressed in that language</fn> on every channel

I'd like to have an adventure every night

Höhner - All That I Want

It's because of me.

Because of me, all because of me.
For all I care, my friend, I accept it,
It's because of me.

Mara Kayser - Because of Me

So here we are now
You just came out you just came out of the blue
You said you want to, so all I care for all i care for is you
I'll be your hero, be your femme
I know you can you can you can

A & Y - I know

I will go to Bad Ischl with Helene

[a niece]
For all I care

[a brother-in-law of Ludovika]

Elisabeth das Musical - It's a pleasure to see you all

So hop on your rainbow
(Are blistered and bleeding)
And ride into oblivion
For all I care
(There's no longer)
You could be early

Alexisonfire - Pulmonary Archery

If she could, she would die too
So young and you died, you were in a rush (You're dead!)
Much too little in this mad world
What the fuck am I saying, for all I care you can die
You can pump yourself full of heroin until you're dead.

B.U.G. Mafia - A mad, mad world

I don't live in a hovel now.
These days it can
rain cats and dogs
for all I care, still
one could hardly get
less joy than I do,

Georges Brassens - Beside my tree

Once more it's your chance - Just take it
Once more - Don't be so blind
For all I care you fake it
It's your chance to shine

Delain - Collars And Suits

You're someone else from afar
anyone can see that you're two-faced
you're a wicked and old self-interested hag
but you can go to hell for all I care
and don't you ever come back.

Banda Carnaval - Two-Faced

A rainy day for all I care
I should be somewhere else
The sidewalk edge,
The parking car, the chair.

Hearing something that reminds me of your face

The Young Professionals - Be With You Tonight

I don't want to say anything
I'm not resentful
You get the dog
And for all I care you can also have the entire flat
And yes, it's correct
That maybe I'm a bit conflict avoidant

Kraftklub - Your Song


For all I care, spikes can grow on the road to the sheepfold,
Because you, my love, won't come to me... you won't come to me.

Nusi Vanghele Hasoti - Girl seeking shepherd

And it beated in there and it was still hot
Under the golden wrappings
I said 'Baby, I don't need it anymore
You can throw it to a wall, for all I care
I experienced that already'
You know how to

Chisu - I Gave You My Heart

Do you speak Flemish or French, give each other a chance
Don't be rude and don't start with bullshit
Are you red or black, even green for all I care
When you take a shit it smells just as bad.

Katastroof - The whole world stinks

Our consciences, the tremors,
You know all this moves me not.
And as for the fate of the Earth...
It can die off, for all I care,
As it makes me live without you,
As, without you, every daybreak

Damien Saez - The murderesses

I don’t listen, I don’t wait
Our bed is catching fire
Then I’ll burn your books of dogmas
You can dream eternal dreams, for all I care

Your empty house is burning

Tiziano Ferro - The House is Empty

When Karlsruhe wins, I get plastered,
For the simple reason that I love Karlsruhe!

For all I care, I could sing until early morning,
For the simple reason that I love Karlsruhe!

Karlsruher SC - Karlsruhe Is The Most Beautiful City In The World

Pass me whatever there's drank left in

Well I don't care if its seven in the morning
For all I care it could be the second coming

Well you say you couldn't take it anymore

Alabama Shakes - Always Alright

With kisses of cold ice, familiar to the point it hurts,
You'll shower me for the last time and will leave for good
I'll stay without you, my body freezing and eyes burning
Live for all I care, baby, you'll have good fortune

I have nothing left, I have nothing left

Šokoledas - I Have Nothing Left

I call them enemies[fn]The impersonal form is a mark of contempt, but unfortunately it make unclear who exactly he's talking about. Since the transcription is riddled with grammar errors, I can't say if it's about friends at large or a particular friend or even a girlfriend[/fn].

No matter what he thinks, he can dance, he can sing
for all I care of the mood, though it annoys me.
Go ahead, grab your things and your bag and get some vacations.
Go ahead without me, I'll catch up, so much the better.

RIDSA - Give me a break!

I won't even remember that I saw you
Because now I will not change for anything
My world without you
For all I care you can go to hell!

Soraya Arnelas - My World Without You

In the end we are all alone
But now the story is over
And you, you stay with your dwarfs in the house
You can be so beautiful for all I care
But I, I will go dancing

Rosenstolz - Cleopatra

That's why I don't always say "mañana"
My heart already has a fault
Come closer and hold me tight, real tight
Come, for all I care, finish him off

My heart goes

Lulu - Boom Bang a Bang (German Version)

They blathered about some spot[fn]The French plays on "bouton" (button/boil)[/fn].

And I said to myself:
he can heave his boil up or down for all I care,
he will remain just as ugly, this awful jerk!

Raymond Queneau - Abusive

Come on, pour me another one, to singe myself
The brandy will put the flame into my heart.
They can all die, for all I care
They can always bloat themselves with bad wine.
Looming from the plain, a ship will come,

Damien Saez - Legionnaire

There's a man
There's a man
There's a man in me
And he's always careful
Always careful

Rhodes - Glow

Ooh ooh

I already know that our love is forbidden
Society can judge us for all I care

I want to live truly

Belinda - Transgenic love

I reckon
the party is over!
You can croak,
for all I care!
Shoo, shoo, off you go!"
I reckon

Juliette Gréco - I reckon

in my soul I want to keep
smudges of you

All the tears of heaven can wash me away for all I care
when your heart goes
bang bang bang

Alain Chamfort - Smudges of you

The candles will burn much warmer this year
And there will be more frost flowers on the window panes
All hardships seem to be farther away
It could be perpetual winter for all I care
And I just have this one wish for you:
Enjoy this time as much as I do!

Schwesterherz - Christmas With You