For all I care

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Idiomatic translations of "For all I care"

мне-то что

Meanings of "For all I care"


إبداء عدم الاهتمام: لا يعنيني

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Explained by Toot_v

I don't care (if something were to happen); it doesn't concern me. The phrase is said to show that something is not important; it always precedes or follows some hypothetical situation.

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Explained by St. Sol

"For all I care" in lyrics

Tokio Hotel - Der letzte Tag

Now we are here again
Up here on your roof
The whole world down there can for all i care
Go under tonight

Nirvana - Lithium

Broke our mirrors
Sunday morning is everyday
For all I care
And I'm not scared

Die Ärzte - Song of Failure

I'm always the best when no one throws a spoke in my wheel*.
I'm always the best - second-, third- or tenth-best.
For all I care, also sometimes not the best.
I don't need to test it.

Bushido - 911 (explicit)

Came across the desert riding a grey horse
Your little girlfriend rode on my dick *yeah*
For all I care, you can call me anti-gay
But I’ll still call you the stupid white man

maNga - I Was Born at the End of the World

No, there's no bigger lie than that

The snake which doesn't bite me could live for a thousand year for all I care*
I gossip and enjoy myself

Lost in the Trees - All Alone in an Empty House

hide in the tower, hide in the tower

For all I care cause I hear you so
and how I hate you so

maNga - I was born at the end of the world

No! There's no bigger lie than that

The one who doesn't bother me can live a thousand for all I care
I gossip and enjoy myself

Die Toten Hosen - Schwarzwaldklinik

Send them to the Schwarzwaldklinik
For all I care to the Schwarzwaldklinik
Just somewhere else!

Tokio Hotel - Final Day

Up on your roof so high
The whole world can just go to hell
For all I care tonight
I can feel the end is near

Flo Mega - After the Burnout

For all I care, you can try to get me away from you with 90,000 jet planes.
Not gonna happen. I'll take my jacket off and lean casually against the wall.


Fiona Apple - Sleep To Dream

And I say gimme mine
Back and then go there
For all I care
I got my feet

Marius Müller-Westernhagen - Johnny W.

That you're the face of the devil.
Johnny Walker
You can roast me for all I care.

Killerpilze - Remote-controlled

Because I don’t care for them
I look good even without fashion
For all I care I sing with a scarf only

Kris - Every Time I Hear This Song

then I think of you.
The world can go ballistic
for all I care.
Every time I hear this song,

Kent - Ismael

You said "I miss the life I had in 1997"
I said "Just be a quitter for all I care"

Höhner - All That I Want

I'd like to tell some people for once
what they can do to me, which is kissing my ass<fn>literally this line would be "what they can me, namley crosswise"</fn>
for all I care (it can be) live and with verve<fn>more lit. "with having gathered speed"</fn> - in full colour<fn>the "full" is missing in the original but that's the way it's expressed in that language</fn> on every channel

Mara Kayser - Because of Me

Because of me, all because of me.
For all I care, my friend, I accept it,
It's because of me.

A & Y - I know

So here we are now
You just came out you just came out of the blue
You said you want to, so all I care for all i care for is you
I'll be your hero, be your femme

Alexisonfire - Pulmonary Archery

(Are blistered and bleeding)
And ride into oblivion
For all I care
(There's no longer)