All I Do Is Win (English translation)

All I Do Is Win

우리는 방탄소년단
용감한 방탄소년단 (Yeah!)
And we don't stop
Yeah, we won't stop
If you want, if you need
원한다 면 모두 get in!
Yeah! Eh, eh
출신은 대구 라서 뜨거워 (대구~)
So hot!
I'm the number one
어린 소녀 가슴을 훔친 랩퍼
That's me i can't stop 연쇄 절도범
나는 랩부터 프로듀싱까지 모두 밀어붙여
랩한지 반년만에 올라왔지지 내 밑으로 전부 숨죽에
내 랩은 슈포스타 K 허~ 알아봤나봐
이런 재능을 빅히트가 먼저 알아봤나봐
잘 찾아봐 나같은 농 어디에도 없으니
진직에 알아봤다면 곧장 날 따라와
Hey, let's go!
난 누가 앞에 있건 제끼는 놈 랩 하나만큼은 죽이는 놈
날이 갈수록 더 딱 나오는 퐁 리듬에서 느껴지는 감동
쉴새 없지 랩 뱉을땐 뱅뱅 터져 정신없게
땡 울려 머릿속은 내로 인해 어지럽게 울리겠지
And i'm out~
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All I Do Is Win

We are the Bangtan Boys
The brave Bangtan Boys (Yeah!)
And we don’t stop
Yeah, we won’t stop
If you want, if you need,
If you want it everybody get in!
Yeah! Eh, eh
I’m from Daegu that’s why I’m hot (Daegu~)
So hot!
I’m the number one
A rapper that stole a young girls heart
That’s me I can’t stop, serial robber
From rap to producing I strive for them all
Within half a year of rapping I rose up, everyone below me hold your breath
My rap is Superstar K, huh~ it’s sharp*
That’s probably why Big Hit discovered my talent first
Try looking hard because there isn’t somebody like me
If you noticed me earlier then follow me right away
Hey, let’s go!
Whoever is in front of me I move on past them, can kill it only by rapping
Improve more as days go by, feel moved from my rhythm
Continuously spit out rap like bang bang a hectic explosion
Your head must be ringing because of me
And I’m out~
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*T/N: Huh Gak is a winner from Superstar K so Suga incorporates Huh Gak’s name as a rhyme to mean “sharp”

Full credit goes to thesoulmusiq @ TUMBLR

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