Haifa Wehbe - Allaha Bahebik (قاللها بحبك) (English translation)


Allaha Bahebik (قاللها بحبك)

هو قاللها بحبك
وهيا قالتله بتموت فيه
هو مشاعره كدابة
وهي كانت بتلعب بيه
اللي مابينهم
قصة تحير أي دماغ
في الآخر يطلع كل الحب
ده وقت فراغ
وملخص كل الوقت ده
يطلع على مفيش
واتاري مشاعرهم
ملت م التعامل ببرود
احساسهم كله مزيف
أصلاً مش موجود
وازاي في وسط كل ده
في احساس يعيش
هي بتقول أجمل هدية
وهو يقول كتاب مفتوح
لكن لما نقرب شوية
بيظهر كل شيء بوضوح
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English translation

He Told her I Love You

He told her I love you
And she told him "I love you to death"
His feelings were a lie
And she was playing with him
What's between them
is a story that can baffle any mind
And in the end, it turns out that all the love
Was wasted time
And the conclusion of all this time
turns out to be nothing
And turns out that their emotions
have grown bored of treating each other coldly
Their feelings are all fake
They don't even exist
And how can, under all these circumstances,
Any feelings live?
She says she is the most beautiful gift,
And he says that he is an open book
But if we zoom in closely
Everything is revealed clearly
Let me know if you have any questions about my translation. Good luck.
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