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Aller guten Dinge sind drei (English translation)

  • Artist: Reinhard Mey (Rainer May, Frederik Mey)
  • Song: Aller guten Dinge sind drei Album: Mein Apfelbäumchen
  • Translations: English, Spanish
English translationEnglish

All good things are three

The alarm clock rings, half past six, bad luck, take your way
The big one has to go to school, come on, get up
And be quiet, so that the middle one doesn't wake up right away
He can still sleep - bang - the first door falls close
The floor plank cracks, die flush rushes and what's more
The small one woke up and screams like crazy
I put her on her pot, she is red form anger
I quickly make a break bread for the big one "Be well!
Don't forget your sports wear!" The middle one comes: "Come on,
Don't run around barefoot here, put on slippers!"
I'm watching my toast burn up in flames
When the small one had turned around her pot including content
And she jumps onto me with a scream of pleasure
All good things are three
I have brought the middle one to school
And wipe away the traces of the chocolate spread battle
This is the time I can get on working
The small one paints my leg with an ink pen
And during a short phone call she finishes
The complete mail of the month before by cutting apart
The big one comes home and makes a long face
Al friends got computers, he's the only one who hasn't
The small one pees on the carpet, she gets me to my grave
But before I take the middle one home from school
Then it's lunch time and a battle about who gets the first fried fish
Until tears come up and it's down on the ground
The small one sneezes in my faces with her mouth full
All good things are three
I force her to take a nap, now I could have some time
The big one repents me his history test
And now he had ordered three chaots to play with him
"Not that loud!", but when the first chair falls over
The small one wakes up, the middle one cries: "I thought
I should go to a birthday party, but I haven't got a present, yet"
The small one stick a pea up her ear
The doctor is a friend and lets us go first
I quickly buy a present and take away the middle one
Get out in my sweat, I think I'm run down
The car key is gone, how do I get home now
Repelling the small one spits it finally out
A neighbour greets me: "What, you've always got day off!"
All good things are three
At home the evening madness goes ahead
The small one rolls into a curtain like a ball
With high-pitched, loud screams
And then she lets herself fall on the floor with the curtain
In the big one's room the music is deafening
"Gee, old man, stay cool, I'm doing maths"
The middle one comes home from the party holding the record
Of eating chocolate bums and throws up immediately
The big one and the small one get a bread on their plates
The middle one a bowl to his bedside
Two sleeping stories for each of the three
I fall asleep at the news directly
I'm carrying myself to bed with heavy legs
All good things are three
My wife smiles to me: "Well, think it over
Maybe in reality all good things are ... (four)"
I'm breaking down, no, it's not gonna change
All good things are three
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Aller guten Dinge sind drei

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