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Everything New

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Burning my studio, I snort the ashes like coke.
Killing my goldfish, I bury him in the yard.
Blowing up my place, everything I have I let go of.
My old life tastes like stale toast.
Grill me a splendid steak, Peter now cooks the finest meat.
I am the update, Peter Fox 1.1.
I want to boogie, celebrate, but my pond is too small.
Growing me a new set of biters like a Great White.
Waxed, doped, polished, brand new teeth.
I'm euphoric-ified and have expensive plans
I buy me construction machinery, diggers and rollers and cranes
Blast [Fall] to Berlin and lean [push] on the siren
Building beautiful box towers, Bass massages your souls
I'm the wreckingball for the G-G-G-German scene
Hey, everything glitters, so nice & new.
Hey, if you don't like it, do it over.
The world's covered with dust, but I want to see where it goes.
Climb the mountain of muck, because a fresh wind blows up there.
Hey, everything glitters, so nice & new.
I'm sick of my old stuff, and let it rot in a sack.
Give my digs to the moths (moth my old clothes/rags)
and then I'll go shopping naked.
I am completely renovated, Brides have something to stare at.
Fit as a fiddle, super toned, world master in chess and boxing.
Only talk in concrete terms, give me a yes or no.
Stop with the nonsense, I'll let all the old pranksters be.
If I ever smoke pot again, I'll hack an ax into my leg.
I want no more lying, I want to mean every phrase I say.
My head is bursting, I've got to change everything.
I'm looking for the button, meet The Powers That Be.
Force the land into happiness, buy banks and broadcasters.
Everything goes crazy, trembling sheep and lambs.
I look better than Bono, and am the Man of the People.
Ready to save the world, even if it's wanted too much.
There's no more air here, it's hard for me to breathe.
Bye bye I have to get out of here, the walls are closing in.
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Combination of two translation sites, an online Deu-Eng dictionary, and personal tweaking to make English sense.


Alles neu