Peter Fox - Alles neu (English translation)

English translation

Everything's new

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I burn down my studio, snort the ashes like coke
I slaughter my goldfish, bury him in the yard
I blow up my house, let go of everything I have
My old life tastes like some soggy toast
Fry myself a fine steak, Peter cooks the finest meat
I am the update, Peter Fox 1.1
I want to dance, celebrate, but my pond is too small
I grow a new set of teeth like a white shark
Waxed, doped, polished, brand-new teeth
I am eager and have expensive plans
I buy building machines, diggers and rollers and cranes
Descend on Berlin and sound the siren
I build box towers, the bass massages your soul
I am the wrecking ball for the German scene
Hey, everything shines, it's so new
Hey, if you don't like it, start again
The world is covered with dust, but I want to see where it's going
Climb upon the dirt-pile, because up there a fresh wind blows
Hey, everything shines, it's so new
I'm sick of my old stuff, and let them rot in a bag
Mothball my clothes and then go shopping naked
I am completely renewed, girls have something to look at
Healthy, well-built, world champion in chess and boxing
Just need to talk straight, give me a yes or no
Stop the nonsense, I'll let go of the old ways
Should I ever smoke pot again, I'll stick an axe in my leg
I never want to lie again, I want to mean every word I say
My head is bursting, I want to change everything
I search for the button, meet powerful men
Force the land into happiness, buy banks and radio stations
Everything goes crazy, shaking sheep and lambs
I look better than Bono, I am the man of the people
Ready to save the world, even if it's too much
There's no more air here, breathing is hard for me
Bye bye I have to get out of here, the walls are coming nearer.
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Alles neu