Altai Respublikani Gimni (Алтай Республиканыҥ Гимны) (English translation)


Altai Respublikani Gimni (Алтай Республиканыҥ Гимны)

Кӧк теҥери, јылдыстар,
Улу, јайым Кан-Алтай.
Ӱч-сӱмер, ыйык тайгалар
Агару, jебрен Алтай.
Ӱч толыкту Кан-Aлтай
Јыҥкыс эдер јаҥы јок.
Ӱргӱлји кӱйген одыбыс
Ӧчӱп калар учуры јок.
Алтай – ӧскӧн кабайыс,
Алтай – мӧҥкӱ кудайыс.
Элен чактарга корула,
Россияла бис јажына.
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Adopted September 11, 2001

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English translation

Altai Republican Hymn (Anthem)

Blue skies full of stars,
So vast, yet free is the Khan of Altai.
The three peaks of the calm Taigas (Mountians)
This sacred, ancient Altai.
Three peaks stand as the Khan of Altai
To go from here, there will be no traditions.
The hawk sleeps well in the forests
Tenacious taxes do not exist.
This is the Altai nation's birthplace
Altai's one thousand holy places.
Protecting her flowing wealth
We are Russians all our lives.
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The three peaks are of Belukha, the highest mountain. It also has a symbolic meaning too. The three wisdoms, or the three souls. In shamanism it is a most sacred place. Кан also means blood in Altai. The hawk spoken of has a celestial (heavenly, peaceful) meaning as well.