Alter ego

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Idiomatic translations of "Alter ego"

Ο άλλος εαυτός (συνήθως με κτητική αντωνυμία: ο άλλος μου/σου/του εαυτός)

Meanings of "Alter ego"


"the other self" referring to a different personality of a person. Used frequently with an ownership pronoun my/yours/his/hers other self

Explained by evfokas on Sat, 19/01/2013 - 11:23
Explained by evfokas

"(mein) anderes Ich", im Sinne von "meine bessere Hälfte" usw.

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"Alter ego" in lyrics

Bushido - Panamera Flow

Cops annoy us, headache, paracetamol (yeah)
Spaceship, facelift, Panamera flow [fn] Bushido and Shindy compare their rap flow to the sports car Panamera Porsche. Their rap is like what they associate with the car: speed and danger [/fn]
And from curb to skyline[fn] "From curb to skyline" was Bushido's first album. The title sums up how he sees his own way: He made it from rags to riches, from a dishwasher to a millionaire [/fn], Sonny Black [fn] Sonny Black is Bushido's alter ego [/fn] and Mister Nice Guy [fn] Shindy often refers to himself as Mr. Nice Guy [/fn] (yeah)

Eminem - Όταν θα έχω φύγει

Μετά γύρνα πίσω στο τραγούδι και πες της ότι την αγαπάς
Και σήκωσε το χέρι σου στην μητέρα της που είναι φτυστή εκείνη
Αυτός είναι ο Σλιμ Σέιντι<fn>το alter-ego του Έμινεμ</fn>, ναι μωρό μου ο Σλιμ Σέντι είναι τρελός
Ο Σέιντι με δημιούργησε, αλλά απόψε, ο Σέιντι θα σε νανουρίσει <fn>Rock-a-bye baby, παλιό νανούρισμα της Αμερικής.</fn>

Eisbrecher - Bomb

I'm the hatred, you're the fist
I'm the rage in you gut
your alter ego, the foe in you
Come play a little war with me!

Nâdiya - No Title

you are my force, my "alter ego" (my other me)
my skin stamps your skin

Joan Sebastian - Tattoos

I attended to your reason
I'll leave
victim of an alter ego
I'll go

Alizée - Great

Why who?
What for?
The alter ego!
Your choices they are great!

Minus One - Alter Ego

Waking up alone, like a man that failed …
Trapped into the mist of our fairytale
And you know, you know, you know, I’m still inside

Mickael Miro - Just Like This

A “has been” well before my time, I prefer to bargain hunt in the markets
Clumsy with texting, stressed out by the Internet services providers**
I dream of an alter ego--without e-mail, without an address

Tame Impala - Alter Ego

When the one from my dream
Is sitting right next to me
And I don't know what to do, oh alter ego

Christophe Maé - Mon paradis

Voir mon paradis

Mon alter ego, fuis-moi, je te suis
Alors promets-moi de signer pour 100 ans

Nâdiya - Miss You

Nâdiya :
Tu es ma force, mon alter ego
ma peau scellé a ta peau

Pink - Cher M. le Président

Cher M. le Président, allons nous promener tous les deux
Faisons comme si nous étions juste deux alter ego
J'ai quelques questions à vous poser, si on peut parler honnêtement

Alizée - Genial

Por que que?
Por que hacer?
El alter ego!
Tus opciones son geniales!

Eminem - Εμείς σε δημιουργήσαμε

Και να αναφέρω ότι η Τζένιφερ<fn>Jennifer Aniston</fn> είναι ερωτευμένη μαζί μου Τζον Μέιγερ, γι' αυτό κάτσε στην άκρη
Φίλε μου, υπόσχομαι στους άλλους να τους δώσεις λίγο χώρο
Απομακρύνονται ένα μίλι, έχουν στυλ, αλλά δεν είναι ο Σλιμ<fn>το alter ego του Eminem ο Slim Shady</fn>

Desi Slava - My alter ego (My other me)

Come one drink with me and get drunk
With my alter ego.. who it will be crazy until tomorrow
You'll stop my breath

Alizée - Toc de mac

Pourquoi qui?
Pourquoi faire?
L'alter ego!
Tes choix c'est toc de mac!

Loco Locass - Serious Groove

Just like Cendrars in Moravagine [fn]<a href="">Blaise Cendrars</a>, Swiss novelist and poet. 'Moravagine' is one of his books.[/fn]
Just like in Eminem, Slim Shady [fn]Slim Shady being Eminem's alter ego.[/fn]
Just like in myself, the sane desire

Gülşen - Une prétendue séparation

J'ai vu que sans toi les jours étaient si longs
Je m'en veux, je ne vais pas bien du tout
Mon bel alter-ego, fais-moi savoir comment tu vas

Peja - Seks Dragi Rap (& Slums Attack)

Plus rap co niszczy ciszę, hałas, fetysze
Wewnętrzny głos słyszę Brudne wynaturzenie,
Moje alter ego, które we mnie siedzi, drzemię
Nie łatwo Rycha uśpić, na prywatkach czujny

Magnus Uggla - Jånni Balle (Johnny Dick)

How I dare
Defecate such crap
I quickly hide my alter-ego

Cœur de pirate - Flammable

Inside my heart that’s changing
But free-spirited, I secretly pray
That my alter ego doesn’t show itself

Valery Meladze - Parallel

Encyclopedia (encyclopedia),
Explain to me, what does
This alter ego want?

Magnus Uggla - Jånni Balle

Hur jag vågar
Skita ut sån lort
Ja, då gömmer jag mitt alter ego fort

Mickael Miro - Juste Comme Ça

Has been bien avant l'âge, je préfère chiner dans les souks
Mal habillé en texto, MSN ça me stresse
Je rêve d'un alter ego sans e-mail sans adresse

Sonata Arctica - No digas una sola palabra

Soy tu caja de dulces envenenados, el amor que acaba borrándose.
Vade retro, alter ego,<fn>Retrocede, otro yo</fn> apártate, esta vida me está ahogando.
Creo que toleraré tu odio, mientras tengas miedo.

Ana Bekuta - What is mine, it's mine only

nobody ever loved me
He knows me better then you
he is my alter ego

Georges Brassens - Auprès de mon arbre

Comme un saligaud
Mon copain le chêne
Mon alter ego
On était du même bois

Joan Sebastian - Tatuajes

Atendiendo a tu razón
Me marcho
Victima de un alter ego
Me voy

Sonata Arctica - Don't Say a Word

I am your poison candygram, the love that's meant to fade away.
Vade retro, alter ego, move aside, I'm choking on this life.
I think I'll tolerate your hate, as long as you're afraid.

Desi Slava - My alter ego

Till I fall in love

C'mon, drink with me and my alter ego
who will be crazy until tomorrow

Ana Carolina - A Dream Under the Water

That in Rio the gay kiss is no longer a shock

Alter ego, Google, a due date
Rio, blame, cup, caresses

The Shin Sekaï - Alter Ego

She is my alter ego, she is my alter ego,
She is my alter ego, my alter ego

Union J - Lucky Ones

This one’s for all the zeros
The misfits, you’re my heroes
Put down my alter ego
Okay, we’re broken and we’re scarred

Milica Pavlović - Alter ego

where you want to sail
isn't for one night
alter ego is your discomposure

Closterkeller - The Underground Ring

because here, the Master is a pure, brutal power
And a word "mercy" has quite different taste and size
Latent alter ego raises a head and then disapears
Adrenaline's singing is a fulfilment and a drug

Huge L - Tähän maahan juurtuneena

Ja turkis on murha, ei
Jos miettii tarkemmin turkis on vaa turha, hei
Pienes pakkases tarkenee keho jos on miehinen alter ego
Vuodest -81 matkas, mul on aurinkoon lämpimät välit vaik ois parikyt pakkast

Dmitriy Hvorostovskiy - Nostalgia

Delle fonti gelide,

Guarda il mio alter ego
Dentro ciò che io non sono più,

Dzhena - Wrong Thoughts

that I'm the best.
How will you run away from me even for an hour?
I'm your alter ego.

Mylène Farmer - Tutti questi conflitti

Mentre la rabbia
Distrugge tutto
Ho nel mio alter-ego
Un desiderio di amare

Sonata Arctica - Ne dis pas un mot

Je suis ta boîte de bonbons empoisonnée, l'amour destiné à disparaître
Marche arrière, alter ego, écarte-toi, cette vie m'étouffe
Je crois que je tolérerai ta haine, tant que tu auras peur

Genetikk - Kill Karuzo

But seriously: I meanwhile already forget my name
Without color in the face we aren't half as popular
Although my alter ego isn't even half as real
But apparently that doesn't matter to the fans

Ana Carolina - Un Sueño Bajo El Agua

O beijo gay já não choca mais

Alter ego, Google, prazo
Rio, culpa, copa, afago

Sonata Arctica - Non dire una parola

sono il tuo bigliettino delle caramelle avvelenato, quell'amore che svanirà
Vade retro, alter ego, fatti da parte, questa vita mi fa impappinare
Penso che tollererò il tuo odio fin quando tu avrai paura

Minus One - El otro yo (Alter Ego)

Me despierto solo, como un hombre que ha fallado
Atrapado en la niebla de nuestro cuento de hadas
Y tú sabes, sabes, sabes que estoy todavía adentro.

The Shin Sekaï - Alter Ego

Elle est mon alter ego, elle est mon alter ego
Elle est mon alter ego, mon alter ego

Icona Pop - Flashback

Last night, I had another bad dream that wasn't meant to reoccur
And now I know, too much of one thing will only make you feel worse
But my alter ego takes the lead

Minus One - Alter Ego

Ich wache einsam auf, wie ein Mann, der versagt hat
Gefangen im Nebel unserer Märchengeschichte
Und du weisst, du weisst, du weisst, ich stecke immer noch drin

Georges Brassens - Beside my tree

how dastardly of me
My pal the oak tree,
my alter ego
We were made of the same wood,

Icona Pop - Flashback

Noite passada, eu outro sonho ruim que não deveria ter acontecido de novo
E agora eu sei muito de uma coisa que só vai fazer você sentir pior
Mas o meu <em>alter ego</em> é quem manda

Milica Pavlović - Alter ego

kojim bi ti plovio
nije za jednu noc
alter ego je tvoj nespokoj

Mickael Miro - Así Como Así

Un "has been" antes de mi era, prefiero buscar en los mercados
Torpe con textos, MSN me estresa
Sueño con un alter ego sin e-mail, sin dirección

Hocus Pocus - Mark

I’m that side of you that’s not very discrete, that shows off
That chooses its conquests among labels and brands
I’m your alter ego, your detestable side
That makes you lie and cheat, without feeling guilty

Arch Enemy - Sinister Mephisto

Into the night - the darkest corner of my mind
Sink into my inner self, an erotic fantasy
A spiraling vortex - an instant alter ego fix
Here I am the ruler of all, in this kingdom of sin

Genetikk - Kill Karuzo

Mal im Ernst: Ich vergess' mittlerweile schon mein' Namen
Ohne Farbe im Gesicht bin ich nicht halb so gefragt
Dabei ist mein alter Ego nicht mal halb so real
Doch den Fans ist das scheinbar egal

Milica Pavlović - Alter Ego

wo du hinsegeln würdest
ist nicht für eine Nacht
Das Alter Ego ist deine Unruhe

Sonata Arctica - Tek Kelime Etme

Ben senin zehir şekerli yazınım, bu aşk solup gitmek zorundaydı
Vade retro, alter ego[fn value=''1'']Geri git, öz benlik[/fn], çekil, ben bu hayatı boğuyorum.
Sanırım senin nefretini hoş göreceğim, sen korktuğun müddetçe.

Mika - Rio

I'm taking off
Going to Rio
I'm getting lost to find an alter ego
It could be Paris or Berlin

Florent Mothe - Danser sous la pluie

J'en ai fait le tour de la question
Tu es ma lumière
Mon alter ego
L'amour qui me met à terre

Sonata Arctica - Sag kein Wort

Ich bin deine vergiftete Pralinenschachtel, die Liebe, die dazu bestimmt ist, zu verblassen
Vade retro, alter ego, geh zur Seite, ich ersticke an diesem Leben.
Ich glaube, ich toleriere deinen Hass, solange du dich fürchtest.

Nâdiya - Miss You

You are my force, my "alter ego"
my skin has sealed your skin

Minus One - Alter égo

Je me réveille tout seul, comme un homme, qui a échoué
Attrapé au brume de notre compte de fées
Et tu sais, tu sais, tu sais que je suis encore dedans

Mika - Rio

Sto decollando
Sto andando a Rio
Mi sto perdendo per trovare un alter ego
Potrebbe essere Parigi o Berlino

Hocus Pocus - Marc

J’suis ta facette pas très discrète, celle qui se la pète
Qui choisit ses conquêtes au nombre d’étiquettes
J’suis ton alter ego, ton côté détestable
Qui te fait mentir, tromper, sans te sentir coupable

Minus One - Alter Ego

Mi sveglio da solo, come un uomo che ha fallito...
Intrappolato nella nebbia della nostra favola
E sai, sai, sai, ci sono ancora dentro

Minus One - Alter Ego

Mă trezesc singur, ca un om care a eșuat
Prins în ceața povestii despre zâne
Și știi, știi, știi că sunt încă înauntrul ei

Florent Mothe - Dance in the rain

I've examined the question from all angles
You are my light
My alter ego
The love which put me on earth

Orelsan - 2010

A cyborg version 2.0
I'm always on time, like your father at the cocktail hour
"Orelsan" is "Aurelien" I don't have a alter ego
Anyway, there was not one to make up for the other

Ne-Yo - Make It Easy

Do you love me for me though?
The real me not my fly alter-ego
I know I'm never not fly

Orelsan - 2010

Hé Skread ! Balance cette merde rétro-futuriste !


Minus One - Alter Ego

Budim se sam, kao čovjek koji nije uspio...
U zamci izmaglice naše bajke
I ti znaš, ti znaš, ti znaš, ja sam još unutra

Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel - Κ. Μαλθακέ

Και παίξε το Ιησούς για αυτήν την ημέρα
Αρχίζεις να τους ακούς να μουρμουρίζουν
Εντόπισε τον διαστημάνθρωπο[fn] Κατά πάσα πιθανότητα έμμεση αναφορά στον ήρωα και Alter ego που είχε πλάσει ο David Bowie στο δίσκο που κυκλοφόρησε το 1972 ονόματι "The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars" [/fn] ,σκληρός και ανταγωνιστικός
Πάλεψε τις καλές μάχες, εκσφενδόνισε το τσεκούρι σου

Fard - Nostalgia

Talion becomes an armor for contraflow
In the next year happened something that nobody saw
I released Alter Ego and the hype was there
The boy without a heart, phantom without a face

Milica Pavlović - АЛТЕР ЕГО (ДРУГО ЈА)

**Алтер его зна(зна...);**
**моје друго ја(ја...),а ти(?)**
**Алтер его зна(Alter ego зна...);**
**да провоцира(провоцира...),а ти(?)**

Fard - Nostalgie

Talion wird zum Panzer im Gegenverkehr
Im Jahr darauf geschah was keiner sah
Ich brachte Alter Ego raus und der Hype war da
Der Junge ohne Herz, Phantom ohne Gesicht

Minus One - Alter Ego

Mă trezesc singur ca un om care a eşuat.
Sunt prins în capcana poveştii noastre,
Şi tu ştii, tu ştii, tu ştii că sunt încă înăuntrul ei.

Christian Chávez - Tatuajes

Atendiendo a tu razón me marcho
Víctima de un alter ego me voy
Con otro amor el corazón me parcho

Jean-Louis Aubert - Alter égo

Il manque ton rire, a l'ennui
Il manque ta place a ma nuit
C'est pas du jeu, mon alter ego

Minus One - Alter ego

Herään yksin, kuin mies joka epäonnistui...
Loukussa satumme usvassa
Ja tiedät, tiedät, tiedät, olen vielä sisällä

Meg Myers - Vai

Non voglio essere falsa
ma ne è pieno la stanza.
Stanca di essere il tuo alter ego,
lasciami stare, lasciami stare.

Tech N9ne - Am I a Psycho?

I get vexed but I ain't bit her neck
Open, I try to contain it but that damn dame thang's soakin'
Alter ego say why you let them gang bang folk in
Strange lane hopin' I can maintain copin'

Mørland - Yhden miehen armeija

Aion kiivetä vanhaan torniin
Katsoa paholaistani silmiin
Sanoa: "Kyllä, alterini[fn]Alter ego[/fn], jätä minut rauhaan

Minus One - Alter Ego

Vågner alene, som en mand, der har fejlet
Fanget i tågerne af vores eventyr
Og du ved, du ved, du ved, jeg stadig er der

Minus One - Alter Ego (Anderes Ich)

Alleine wache ich auf, wie ein Mann, der versagt hat
Bin gefangen im Schleier unseres Märchens
Und du weißt, es lässt mich nicht los

Minus One - Alter Ego

Alleen wakker worden als een man die faalde. Gevangen in de mist van ons sprookje.
En je weet, je weet, je weet, ik ben nog steeds gevangen.

Ik wist het allang, maar ik kon het niet vertellen...

Mika - Rio

Estou decolando
Indo para o Rio
Estou me perdendo para encontrar um novo alter ego<fn>Uma outra personalidade</fn>
Poderia ser Paris ou Berlim<fn>Capitais da França e da Alemanha, respectivamente</fn>

Georg Trakl - Psalm

. . Sora străină apare iar în visele urîte ale cuiva.
. . Calmă în aluniş cu stelele sale se joacă.
. . Studentul, poate un alter ego, o priveşte îndelung de la fereastră.
. . Îndărăt se aţine fratele său mort, coborînd vechea scară-n spirală.

Aladdin (OST) - A step ahead [One Jump Ahead]

A step ahead of every slacker
An inch ahead of moth chasing me
Alter ego would come handy
(There he is!)

Epic Rap Battles of History - Miley Cyrus vs Joan of Arc

You're getting lifted on a stake, get that body burned up! (Ouch!)
Had enough? It's my habit: when I grab the mic, I milk it.
You could say this rap is like my alter ego 'cause I killed it!

Olivia Ruiz - My soul in tatters

you float behind my back,
you are my envoy,
my alter-ego

Twenty One Pilots - Marche pour la mer

Puis, les ravages de la guerre s'amorcent
Dans ma tête en compagnie de mon alter ego
Et les marcheurs impassibles scandent la phrase :

Olivia Ruiz - Âme en dentelle

tu flottes dans mon dos,
tu es mon envoyé,
mon alter-ego
Oh oh oh oh

Aladdin (OST) - O krok przed [One Jump Ahead]

O krok przed każdym guzdrałą
O cal przed goniącą ćma
Alter ego warto by tu mieć
(Tam jest!)

Minus One - Alter ego

Despertant-me sol, com un home que ha fracassat
Atrapat en la boira del nostre conte de fades
I tu saps, tu saps, tu saps, encara estic dintre

Afanasy Fet - Alter Ego

Как лилея глядится в нагорный ручей,
Ты стояла над первою песней моей,
И была ли при этом победа, и чья,-
У ручья ль от цветка, у цветка ль от ручья?

Duas Caras - Ossos No Baú

Só novos bradas, que vinham do nada com latas e mulatas
De fino trato meu brada isso era Estaca
Meu alter-ego, dois pandzas then I had to let go
Beef com o Mega nada pessoal era rap bro

Minus One - Alter ego

Probouzím se sám, jako poražený…
Uvězněn v mlze z naší pohádky
A ty víš, víš, víš, že jsem stále v ní

Tame Impala - Alter Ego

Quand celui de mes rêves
Est assis juste à côté de moi
Et je ne sais pas quoi faire, oh alter ego

Le Groupe Swing - Face to Face

A superhero, behind your words
And you protect, your alter ego
Day after day, you create chaos

Le Groupe Swing - Face à face

Superhero, derrière tes mots
Et tu protèges ton alter ego
Jour après jour, tu crées le chaos

Dumitru Matcovschi - Cruce putrezită

Am crezut. De ce-am crezut ?
Potopul vine
și nici <em>alter ego</em> nu-i cu mine.
Duc-mă-duc, ci nu la plug.

Coez - Occhiali scuri

Creste e bandiere sulle giacche
Firestarter, dai le carte
Diamo sfogo all'alter ego, Tyler Durden

Vladislav Keranov - Failure

piston, crankshaft.
Failanov from this day on
is my last name, I live with my alter ego in eternal idyll.
I'm first in failing, the failing with a capital "F"

Oonagh - Ariën

Laurië cala, laurië cala

A lua sempre em busca de seu alter ego
Seu mundo vai sair à luz do dia

Juliette Armanet - Liebe allein

die Liebe allein.

Komm zurück zu mir, mein Alter Ego*,
komm zurück zu mir, mein Held!

Maribel Guardia - Tatuajes

Atendiendo a tu razón, me marcho
Victima de alter ego me voy
Con otro amor el corazón, me marcho

La fame di Camilla - Susy e l'infinito

torna per lasciarsi amare e poi va via.
Un piede sulla corda che si spezza,
con un alter-ego dice "Sono tua".
Gioco di un minuto

La fame di Camilla - Susy i nieskończoność

Wraca by pozwolić się kochać, a potem odchodzi
Jedną stopą na linie, co się zrywa
Ze swoim alter ego mówi „Jestem twoja”
Zabawa na minutę

SOFA - Sotamaalauksii

En oo valmis mut mä riitän niinku Vesta sano

Mä oon sun alter ego
Mä oon sun superhero

Anna Vissi - Ambivalent Body

I, your beloved,
confined to my ambivalent body,
me and my alter ego
that strikes me like a ruthless enemy

Hubert-Félix Thiéfaine - La queue

Ma bagnole et mon chien, ma femme et mon frigo
J'ai fait la queue chez mon papa psycho
Qui m'aide à faire la queue chez mon alter ego
J'en ai ma claque de faire la queue

SOFA - War Paint

I'm not ready but I'm enough like Vesta said

I'm your alter ego
I'm your superhero

Smokey Meydan - Advice

I need you to support me, as well as all the starving children.

As your alter ego, before passing away,
I beg you to shift over right now.

Dmitriy Hvorostovskiy - Nostalgia

Of freezing sources,

Look at my alter ego
Inside what I am no longer,


Do you really fuck with a madly introverted slightly perverted fucked up recovered little me?
do you want to try to know somebody
Someone godly alter ego, over critical, super cynical
bitch in ain’t medicinal

Asking Alexandria - Hey Sie! Mr. Brooks!

[Ausklang: Danny Worsnop]
Nein, sie ist doch Papas kleines Mädchen!
Sie sollte doch nicht mein Alter Ego werden!
Aber jetzt wurde mir eine Schere an die Kehle gesetzt!