Elis Regina - Altos e Baixos (English translation)

English translation

Ups And Downs

Maybe it was this record
This drawn shadow on your eyelashes
Maybe it was my poem on the ground, or maybe not
Or maybe it was our children
The high-heeled sandals
The ticking clock, the sun setting, the clock, the sandals
And me slapping your face
And the fall from such high heels
Over our children
With a splash of blood on the ground
Of the drawing on your eyelashes
It was too many records, too many excuses
It's about time these afternoons and your lectures were over
My cabs, whisky, Dietil1, Dienpax2
Ah, but something has to be praise
Among so many ups and downs
When love brings so much life
It even takes too much time
To die
It even takes too much time
To die
  • 1. Medicine used to treat obesity disorders
  • 2. Medicine used to control issues related to anxiety syndrome
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Altos e Baixos

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