Tormenta - Amando y amando (English translation)

English translation

Loving and loving

I devote myself of body and soul,
do me whatever you want now
dedicate me a very beautiful night
and kiss my mouth for the first time.
Let you hands go through my hair,
take me as hostage in your arms
let the love burn us like fire
and the day find us loving.
Loving and loving
loving each other without truce
and may nobody or nothing stops
this love of two lovers.
Loving and loving
loving each other from down to up
galloping in an I love you
and singing this love as duet.
Loving and loving
Make a knot to your name and mine
and we reamin without a word
impatient caress by caress
sailing in the middle of the soul.
Let my body sleeps tired
of loving and loving you so much
a minute with you is life
by your side I found my other part.
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Amando y amando