Beyond - Amani (English translation)

English translation


Peace, Love,
We love you
He, He rules the world
His song sings out love
His truth prevails on earth
He, why is He gone and never coming back?
Did He ever notice smoke covering the sky and the future?
△Those helpless and frigid eyes,
Looking to the sky with tears and indignation
This is to condemn wars for making children suffer in the end△
▲I shout out to the world
Peace, Love,
We love you,
We need you (Shout out again, again)
Peace, Love,
We love you▲
Sky, high in the sky are birds on the wing
Frightened, they spread their wings and flutter around
Gliding through the sky only to search for freedom
Heart, thousands of broken hearts
We are in a quandary today
It's like truth has disappeared from the earth
Repeat △▲
It's a battle between power and possession
It's a battle between ignorance and prejudice
If there were endless wars
How could we have peace?
Repeat ▲
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Author's comments:

This song is in Cantonese; the chorus is in Swahili.