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Colour of Love lyrics

  • Artist: Amber (Marie-Claire Cremers)
  • Album: This Is Your Night
  • Translations: Persian

Colour of Love

Whoa, Whoa [x2]
Show me the color of love
Some how it seems like a sign from above
Get closer
Love is all we need
The color of love
Whoa, Whoa
[Verse 1:]
I have been watching you all night
And I know you can feel it too
I'm trembling inside
I Love You
Whoa, Whoa
[Verse 2:]
Back in time we met
Those days we had I will never forget
Whoa, Whoa
I can't do without you
A love so true
[Verse 3:]
To know that love you've given me
I'll be there if you feel the same
Your the one I see
Theres no shame
Whoa, Whoa
[Verse 2:]
Whoa, Whoa
[Verse 2:]
[Ref: x2]
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