Ami lointain (English translation)

  • Artist: Yves Montand (Ivo Livi)
  • Song: Ami lointain 2 translations
  • Translations: English, Russian
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Distant friend

The heart of an unknown town,
Delivered by chance in its streets.
I was the stranger who came there for a night.
And suddenly I met a gaze.
It was nothing, nothing but a passerby.
He smiled at me on my way like a friend.
I don't know why I still hold on to the image
Of that face full of heat
Lost in the quiet crowd
I stayed here, immobile.
He turned around for an instant
And from far away I could see a hand wave.
It was nothing, nothing but a farewell
Or a hello given from afar on my way.
But all the words
Couldn't have told me more
Than that face full of heat.
~ ~ ~
Distant friend,
I don't know anything
Neither your town nor your name.
But I kept
Your souvenir that sings 1
Still in my memory
And the heat of your gaze.
  • 1. In this context, souvenir really means memory, but since mémoire also translates to memory, I didn't want to repeat the same word
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Ami lointain

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