• Ami Sakaguchi

    空っぽの空が僕はきらいだ → English translation→ English

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もう泣かなくていい あと少しで気持ちが変わる
もう笑わなくていい 僕が瞬きする間に
写真と同じ暗い朝に 遠い日の自分と目があった
君から学ぶくらいがいい 本当の事は
ねぇ 知りたくなかった 聞きたくなかった
どこで気づいた? 誰に言われた?
騙されてるくらいがいい 時々すごく悲しくなった
流されてるくらいがいい 本当の事は
ねぇ 知らなきゃよかった? 聞かなきゃよかった?
どこで気づいた? 誰に言われた?
何かあったように 泣くくらいなら
何もなかったように 笑うほうがいいだろ
夢は必ず 思いは必ず 叶うはずだった
ねぇ 小さな幸せに胸が騒いだ
あの日のこと 忘れてしまったって
知りたくなかった 聞きたくなかった
どこで気づいた? 誰に言われた?
何も出来なかった ごめんね

I hate the empty sky

No more crying. Just a few more minutes and You'll change your mind
You're gonna be okay
You don't have to laugh anymore
You're crying softly while I blink
On a dark morning like the one in the photograph, I saw myself a long time ago
I prefer to learn the truth from you
I didn't want to know. I didn't want to hear
My dreams were always gonna come true
Where did you find that out? Who told you?
I hate the empty sky
When I was touched by the freshly made kindness, I couldn't help but cry
I thought, "I don't want to forget
It's good to be fooled. Sometimes I feel so sad
I'd rather be swept away
Should I not have known? Should I have never asked?
My heart was always going to reach you
Where did you find out? Who told you?
Why is the empty sky so beautiful?
Instead of crying like something's wrong
I'd rather laugh like nothing happened
My dreams were always going to come true, my thoughts were always going to come true
Hey, my heart was filled with a little happiness
I forgot about that day
I didn't want to know. I didn't want to hear
One day it will all come to an end
Where did you realize that? Who told you?
I couldn't do anything. I'm sorry
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