Amico fragile (English translation)

  • Artist: Fabrizio De André
  • Song: Amico fragile 6 translations
  • Translations: Croatian, English, French, German, Russian, Turkish

Fragile Friend

Evaporated in a red cloud
In one of the many embrasures of the night
With a need for love and affection
Too much "If you love me cry"
For someone to reciprocate,
It was worth it to enjoy your summer evenings
With a very simple "I remember":
To watch you rent a kilogram of grass
To the retired peasants and their women
And liberally gift oceans
And more and more waves to the sailors on duty
Until I could discover your hiding places one by one
Without regretting my credulity:
Because even since the first trench
I was more curious than you
I was much more curious than you.
And then suspended among your "How are you?"s
Astonished by less common and crueler phrases
Like "How are you my friend, my fragile friend,
If you want I can take care of you one hour per month"
"Do you know that I lost two children?"
"Ma'am you're a pretty distracted woman"
And still killed by your courtesy
Just when one of my dreams
A second row dancer
Was swinging for some unknown future
Her present of huge breasts
And her recent C-section
I thought it's beautiful that where my fingers end
A guitar might begin, in some way.
And then sitting amongst your "goodbye"s
I felt less tired than you
I was much less tired than you
I could tease the trousers of the unknown woman
Until I saw her mouth drop wide open
I could ask any of my children
To talk again negatively and loudly about me
I could barter my guitar and his helm
For a wooden box saying "We will lose".
I could ask you what's the name of your dog
Mine's been called Free for a while now.
I could hire a cannibal a day
To have him teach me my distance from the stars
I could go through litres and litres of coral
To reach a place called "Goodbye".
And it never crossed my mind
To be drunker than you
To be much drunker than you
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Amico fragile