Jairo - Amigos míos me enamoré (English translation)

English translation

Friends of Mine, I Fell In Love

My friends, I fell in love.
I think that I at last, finally, fell in love.
It happens that I found love,
and honestly it's the best thing
that could have happened to me.
Don't expect coffeeshop conversation,
or an abundance of empty hours
In case you, friends, want to know
I will tell you that I wasn't looking for it;
I fell in love unintentionally.
To hell with loneliness,
Don't speak to me of freedom
Freedom doesn't mean to wander
aimlessly anywhere.
He who never could love
does not know how to fly,
and how to be even more free than a
sparrow tied to a heart.
Friends of mine, I fell in love.
At last a woman waits for me,
A woman with whom to dream
and share the future's breadth that resembles the sea.
My memories will keep
the moments of the past
when I was drunk on friendship,
partying, wineglasses, and something else.
I was walking around blind without my knowing ...
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Amigos míos me enamoré

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