Almafuerte - Amistades de tierra adentro (English translation)

English translation

Inland friendships

Inland friendships,
that forged my steps.
Here or there, coming or going.
I'm remembering them.
Friends that the destiny brought to me,
I sing this for you.
I wanted to sing, because I won't forget.
Feeling you like my people.
I imagine you smiling while hearing
this song, that I'm singing.
I hope the destiny of our nation,
wants us to meet again.
Pleasant friendship, in inland.
Heavy metalheads.
Who endure longer, because they're less.
My brothers are made of steel.
Argentinian is my body, and in spite of it.
I'm a christian dog.
This frequency got erased in a fit of rage.
And didn't give a notice of anybody.
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Amistades de tierra adentro

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