عمو زنجیرباف (Amoo Zanjir-baaf) (English translation)


عمو زنجیرباف

دیوونه کیه؟ عاقل کیه؟
جونور کامل کیه؟
واسطه نیار، به عزتت خمارم
حوصله‌ ی هیچ کسی رو ندارم
کفر نمیگم، سوال دارم
یک تریلی محال دارم
تازه داره حالیم میشه چی‌کاره‌‌ام
میچرخم و میچرخونم ٬ سیاره‌‌ام
تازه دیدم حرف حسابت منم
طلای نابت منم
تازه دیدم که دل دارم، بستمش
راه دیدم نرفته بود، رفتمش
ویروس که بود حالیش نبود، هستمش
جواب زنده بودنم مرگ نبود، جون شما بود؟
مردن من مردن یک برگ نبود، تو رو به خدا بود؟
اون همه افسانه و افسون ولش؟
این دل پر خون ولش؟
دلهره‌ی گم کردن گُدار مارون ولش؟
تماشای پرنده‌ها بالای کارون ولش؟
خیابونا، سوت زدنا، شِپ شِپ بارون ولش؟
گفتی بیا زندگی خیلی زیباست، دویدم
دیوونه کیه؟ عاقل کیه؟
جونور کامل کیه؟
دیوونه کیه؟ عاقل کیه؟
جونور کامل کیه؟
آوردی حیرونم کنی که چی بشه؟
نه والله!
مات و پریشونم کنی که چی بشه؟
نه بالله!
پریشونت نبودم؟ من، حیرونت نبودم؟
تازه داشتم می‌فهمیدم که فهم من چقدر کمه
اتم تو دنیای خودش حریف صد تا رستمه
گفتی ببند چشماتو وقت رفتنه
انجیر می‌خواد دنیا بیاد، آهن و فسفرش کمه
چشمای من آهن انجیر شدن
حلقه‌ای از حلقه‌ی زنجیر شدن
عمو زنجیر باف، زنجیرتو بنازم
چشم منو انجیرتو بنازم
عمو زنجیر باف، زنجیرتو بنازم
چشم منو انجیرتو بنازم
عمو زنجیر باف، زنجیرتو بنازم
چشم منو انجیرتو بنازم
عمو زنجیر باف، زنجیرتو بنازم
چشم منو انجیرتو بنازم
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Uncle Chain-maker

Versions: #1#2
What is being insane? Or sane?
What is being the crux of creation?1
No middleman please2, I’m craving3, on your grace [I swear]4
I don’t feel like seeing anyone
No heresy5, just asking
Just have tons6of unbelievable things [in my mind]
Just realizing why I’m here
Revolving and get things revolving, I’m a planet7
Just realized I’m the gist of your [creation]
Your pure gold
Just realized I have a heart, lost it
Found out my heart has an untravelled road, I let it walk through it
It knew nothing of life, like a virus8, I let it9come to life
Demise doesn't serve my life right, how could you say that?
My death was not just the falling of a leaf from tree10, God, could it be?
Should I just let go of all those charms and fairy tales?
Of a heart swimming in blood?
Of worrying about missing Maroun’s11 ford?
Of watching birds flying above Kaarun 12?
Of streets, whistling, drumming of rain?
“Life is so beautiful, come!”, you said, and I came running
What is being Insane? Being Sane?
What is being the crux of creation?
Did you bring me [to this world] just for being confused?
God no!
Just to be dumbfounded, agonized?
Heavens no!
Couldn’t you see? I was already agonized, dumbfounded by your [actions]
I was just realizing the shortcomings of my understanding
That a [tiny] atom is Rostam13 on steroids in its own world
And you said, “close your eyes, time to go!”
"Fig is being born, is short of iron and phosphorus"
My eyes turned into the iron for fig14
Just [another] jump ring in a chain
Praised be the chain of you, Uncle chain-maker15!
Praised be my eyes, your fig
  • 1. Lit. perfect animal. In some Abrahamic narratives, man is called 'the crux of creation'
  • 2. In many Abrahamic narratives, God speaks only to prophets not to ordinary people
  • 3. as an addict craves for alcohol or drugs
  • 4. In some Abrahamic narrative, man was in Eden garden/heaven and at the god's presence before eating the forbidden fruit. The sin of eating the forbidden fruit, caused the removal of man from heaven, knowing of good and evil, and man becoming mortal. Craving here could be for the heaven and immortal life man had before being removed from heaven
  • 5. One of the tenets of some factions of Islam, is that God is just. Questioning the fairness of his actions, including death, which is the centre of attention in this poem, might be considered heresy by some
  • 6. Lit. a truck load
  • 7. Some planets, like earth, both revolve under another thing's (sun) infulence and make other planets, e.g. moon, revolve around them. Seems to mean, figuratively, "I am both subject to your (/God's) decisions and can also cause other things' actions"
  • 8. Some scientists believe that viruses are not fully alive but 'just at the edge of life'.See here.
  • 9. heart
  • 10. Probably an allusion to a part of a verse "... Not a leaf falls, but with His [/God] knowledge ..." (Quran 6:59).. Saying that death ,unfair to the poet, is an act of God, as God in his book syas that he is observing everything happens in the world
  • 11. مارون: A main river in Khuzestan, south of Iran
  • 12. کارون:Iran's most effluent and only navigable river
  • 13. Legendary Iranian hero, like Hercules in Roman legends
  • 14. i.e. After the death, my body was decomposed and provided the necessary nutritions for the fig tree
  • 15. Uncle Chain-Maker is a children play, and corresponding children rhyme in Iran, somehow similar to "Ring around the Rosie"in UK. Uncle Chain-maker is a role in this play, a sort of parental figure questioned about, and being held responsible for, his actions during the game.
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