Rocío Jurado - Amor de noche (English translation)

English translation

Love at night

Love took over the night
with the awaken forest as witness,
the desire being with your hands
in the always sweet and uncertain tour.
We loved each other with forgotten words
and the intermittent and different voice,
our body skook up by the fever
was galloping towards to a braver world.
Love became friend of the night
and the night became friend of love,
and we sailed to the unknown
writing our names in the love book.
Love at night,
you keep me away of the day and give fantasy to my dreams.
Love at night,
you hold time teaching to live out of it.
Love at night,
your flare shines this empty house,
fills it with dreams, beautiful stories that end in kisses,
fire foam that lasts a second and takes me to heaven.
Love at night.
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Amor de noche

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