El Fary - Amor secreto (English translation)

English translation

Secret love

Every Sunday she goes to church
And she always sits in the first bench
When the priest says the mass,
A light turns on in her pupils.
Nobody imagines that long time ago
Without meaning it, she loves him silently
Nobody imagines that she's suffering
By seeing impossible her secret love
She, lives in love,
she dies for him and he doesn't know it.
She, wishes to scream
all what she feels but she doesn't dare.
She, asks her God
to erase him from her thought
Or for him to give his love.
Everytime the people leaves the church
She stays praying she has no hurry.
Full of tenderness and with prudence
Looks at him without him to realize.
Then she goes to the confessional
Though her soul is clean of sinm
But she's happy that way even for a while
By being there close to her loved one
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Amor secreto

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