Amore amorissimo (English translation)

  • Artist: Elio e le Storie Tese
  • Featuring artist: the fisherman Francesco
  • Song: Amore amorissimo 2 translations
  • Translations: English, Spanish
English translationEnglish

Love very much love

French kissing a lot, a lot...
How do you feel without me, how do you feel, my very beautiful love?
How do I feel without you, how do I feel, my love? Very bad.
Leaving you alone was a mistake
Calling you a fraud was a mistake
Now I tell myself I am an idiot
And I say that very loudly.
Who did you make love with in my absence? I hope absolutely no one
How much did I make love in your absence? I swear, very little.
When night falls on boulevards
those women too similar to me...
I assure you I paid a lot for that love.
You are coming back, you are, you are, I hope very soon.
Setting your car on fire was a very big mistake
Put your helmet on my little dear
And come to me on your moped
Can you lend it to me once you are here?
I need it very much.
You tell me I am revolting
and that you aren't born yesterday 1
And you headbutt me 2
but I appreciate that very much.
Io ti amo, je t'aime, yo te quiero, I love you moltissimo 3
I say that in every language with very good diction
Come, give relief to my hands
But then go walk my dogs
In the public park that saw us
french kiss a lot
our exaggerate love
my love, very much love.
  • 1. lit: that you don't have "fool" written all over your face
  • 2. a Glasgow kiss
  • 3. moltissimo = very much
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Amore amorissimo

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