Zizi Possi - Per amore (English translation)

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For Love

I know your way, every step you will make
your locked anxieties and the empty stones that you will move away
Without ever thinking that as a rock I return in you...
I know your breathing, everything that you do not want
You know well that you do not live, you are not able to admit it
And it would be as if
This sky in flames fell down in me
As the scene of an actor...
Only for love you have done nothing
For love you have challenged the wind and never shouted
Divided the hart, paid the same and bet again
Within this mania that remains only mine
For love you have never run out of breath
For the love lost and started over
And you have to say now how much of yourself you have put in us
How much you have believed in this lie
And it would be as if all this river came up to me
As the Indian ink to its painter
For love you have never spent all that reason
your pride brought to the tears
You know that tonight for the rest I do not have a claim
Only a mania that is still strong and mine
Inside this soul that tears out
And I tell you now true to myself
How much it costs to me not to have you mine...
And it would be as if all this sea drowned in me
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Per amore

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francescovicente    Sat, 24/10/2015 - 13:07

Not the best translation, but these things are difficult. The singer is actually asking negative questions of an indifferent lover. It's infinitely more effective in Italian, of course, but the last line in particular is better translated: "...- what it costs me not to know you're mine." It sounds better (even in English), is more accurate and is so poetic it always made me cry (still does) which it could never do in English.

Alma Barroca    Sat, 09/12/2017 - 19:28

I split the lyrics in stanzas in a better way - that matches to the way she sings here. And the line 'Che resta forte e mia' was corrected to 'Che è ancora forte e mia'. You might want to check your translation to updates.