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Anak (English translation)

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The day you were born to this world
Your parents were full of joy
And their arms are your light
And your mother and father
Worry and don't know what to do
Watch over you even in your sleep
And in the night, a sleepless night, your mother
Is still awake to prepare your milk
And in the morning you are in the lap
Of your father, who is so joyful because of you
Now you are all grown up
You desire to be independent
Even if your parents forbid, they can't stop you
Isn't it you that changed a lot
Disobeyed them, remained stubborn
And you did not follow their advice
You did not take the time
To think about all the things they've done for you
For you desire, only what is pleasurable
You just ignored them
And the days have passed
And you took a wrong turn in life
You are imprisoned in a horrible vice
And you approach
Your dear crying mother
And she asks "Child, what happened to you?"
And your eyes immediately shed tears
Without you noticing
You are regretful and realize
That you were at fault
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Submitted by Joseph K. WilliamsJoseph K. Williams on Tue, 07/11/2017 - 11:06
Author's comments:

This is the corrected version of a previous trsnslation in correct English



SaintMarkSaintMark    Wed, 25/07/2018 - 22:00

please remove the first word/first line

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