Reyli Barba - Ando Por las Nubes (English translation)

English translation

Walking among the clouds

I walked, I crossed borders
Chasing her heart
Gave her 10 thousand stars
Put them in her room
In order to illuminate her beauty
I wanted to stop the time
I wanted to freeze the sun
We looked into each others eyes
And a tear fell
It wet our sadness
I told her two words
Dictated by my soul
And she left
I'm walking among the clouds
I never thought I could feel this way
Love is a rare poison
It kills you and it makes you live
I'm walking among the clouds
Help me get down or come here
Love is all I have
And it will always be yours
Yours, yours
I'm walking through your memories
And I know that you're thinking at me
I have an immense hope
That you'll come back here
Even though the world stops
There will be neither fears, nor borders
To come between us
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Ando Por las Nubes

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