Angel Witch - Dead Sea Scrolls

  • Artist: Angel Witch ( Angel Witch)
  • Album: As Above, So Below

Dead Sea Scrolls

When time stops to pass through my mind
I know that I'm not of your kind
I see things that you never see in mankind
Waiting for my time to come
Seeing what in all occurs
Can my mind's eye really see the truth of the mistakes?
Help me as I have to wake up inside
I have to know what there is to hide
Fight this corruption, will start inner fate
Don't cast your eyes on what you don't want to see
They look strangely at my face
As though they've seen it in another place
Familiar feelings of being there before, overwhelmed
A sign is calling me to go
As thousand eyes just show me to the scrolls
See the truth of what we've been let to believe
Is it the truth?
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