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Old Norse/Norrønt


Móðir girndar
ok ásæki,
Fögr sem nóttin,
í járnviði dvelr
þrjá risa ber hon
þrjá risa el hon
Submitter's comments:

Angrboða is a female jötunn (giantess). Mother of Fenrir by Loki. However, in the Prose Edda book Gylfaginning, she is referred to as a "giantess in Jötunheimr" and said also to be the mother of Fenrir's siblings Jörmungandr (the Midgard Serpent) and Hel.

Cherokee translationCherokee
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e-`tsi v-hna-i a-da-ga-u-e
a-le ga-no-ha-li-do-ha
u-wo-du-hi na-s-gi-ya-i hi-a sv-no-i
ha-wi-(na)di-tlv ta-lu-gi-s-gi-a-ta e-hi
tso-`i; a-tsv-ya-i u-de-nv
tso-`i; a-tsv-ya-i ka-ne-quo-gi
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