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When it rains I always have to think of you
How we met and I can't distract myself
Wet to the skin she stood there
It was loud around us and we got closer to each other
When it rains I always have to think of you
How we met and I can't distract myself
Wet to the skin she stood there
Totally wet I ran under the
Canopy of the specialty shop
From the sky it rained hard I guess
It was half past seven, but I was wide-awake
When Anna look at me, laughed at me
I thought talk to her, then she talked to me
The clothes fully wet, clinging close to her skin
The bag in her hand she stood there at the wall
The dark eyes twinkled like a night in Asia
Wisps of the hair in her face took her sight
My heart beats, the nose drips, I am ashamed
Act totally stupid, because I'm rather shy
"My name is Anne" she said very dryly
I started to whisper "I am Max from the womb of Kolchose"
But what a catastrophe, that was a complete flop
I embrassased myself but she smiles "Is it true?!"
And see, Anna was a Hip Hop fan
Plitsch plastch a rain fell like a deluge
The canopy, the islend, we were jetsam
I found the courage, I myself am surprised about my self-conception
My confession (ES) Anna
I'd like to go out with you
I could get used to seeing you more often
Anna pulled me closer "Actually I don't do these things"
Feel her sweet kisses, how she strokes you face
What does actually happen, please don't release me
Anna, I love only you, others are loveless
You are like vinyl for my DJ, the dialectic for Hegel
Brush for Picasso, drum sticks for Phillipe
Anna, wasn't it the same with Dada
You are ANNA no matter if it's spelled from the start or end of the word
She gave me a goodbye kiss then the bus came
She said "Max, I have to go", the door closed "What's that? The end?" It rained
I walked home, confused I nearly ran
Anna took my reason, I liked a lot about Anna
Sometimes I laugh about it but then I realize how it hits me again
Humor is tragedy in mirror writing
ANNA from the end to the start your name may be blessed
When it rains I always have to think of youto
Don't let me stand in the rain
I want to see you again
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