Ante up

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Pony up

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Used as an imperative commonly in card games it means to put up the money you are betting on a hand, or paying the same amount of money as others on the table. You are placing a bet that is owed to that set of cards (a hand). This can occur at the very beginning of a game where 'the house', or the dealer starts the betting.
The term also applies to the request to pay a debt, or to pay off a past debt. This may be an obligation that is not monetary, a service to render. It can be interpreted sometimes as, 'to make equal' in something.
It is slang and 'ante' comes from Latin 'before'. Before something is done it is paid up. This would be a preemptive payment of debt.

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"Ante up" in lyrics

Ludwig van Beethoven - Ode to Joy

Of being a friend to a friend;
Whoever has won a fair wife,
Ante up your jubilation!

Remy Ma - ShETHER

Rem Belushi, I'm a Ghostbuster, bitch
I'm supposed to be scared 'cause you bought your Barbie chain back?
I'll revert to "Ante Up," you'll get your Barbie chain yapped
Tried to front in February, catch you in that Maybach

M.O.P. - Ante Up (Robbin Hoodz Theory)

Go and get them god damn diamonds!
Ante Up! Yap that fool!
Ante Up! Kidnap that fool!
Get him! (get him) get him!

Mother Mother - Oh ana

I'll play god
I'll play god today
Ante up and play that god a poker game
Walk away with all our little god's spare changing

Chris Brown - You like

Baby, 'bout the party up, bought the party boats
You know I got my money up, ain't pressure for me to ante up
Do what you want to, baby, I'ma still want you, baby, you know I'm crazy


[Bridge: Matt Champion]
Fuck, put ya ante up, riding in the limousine
I'm stuck on some bud I hit, underground, we can't compete

G2 - Shikgoo ( 식구 )

우린 가족끼리 해먹어, yeah, 마치 삼성
Hi-Lite, 우린 마치 대기업
Give it up, all you mutherfuckers better ante up
우린 맛있는 거 먹어, 너넨 엿 먹어

Suzanne Vega - No Cheap Thrill

Ante up. And don't be shy.
Who is that man who is catching my eye?
What's underneath all of the deadpan face?
Sitting so pretty with a criminal grace?

Bushido - Open the Door For Us

My mother cried and my God, yeah, I’m sorry.
I didn’t use my days in school. I wanted to be cool,
grass out, ante up, all the police showed up. [fn] Straight translation: Geld her = money here (hand your money over). The full verb is “hergeben.” “Ante up” is sometimes said during a robbery, meaning to give up anything of value they have. Source: Urban Dictionary. See link below. “Ante up” could refer to either paying for the grass (marijuana) or to a robbery. [/fn]
I thought I screwed it up,

Mother Mother - Let's fall in love

There’s a game in the world, a little bit of cat and mouse
With the boys and the girls, and if I had to ante up
I’d bet on the birds, ’cause they don’t have to walk around

Eminem - No One's Iller

Leave the other two for my nigga Eminem
Never writer's block, I block writers
My block's tighter, ante up and get your top fighters
Got fired for jumpin' the counter with a mop stick

Icon for Hire - Watch Me

Your game sucks, you need a new one
Your game sucks, make a new one up
Up the ante, up the drive,
Slow down - is this how you feel inside?

Aesop Rock - Fast Cars

Who could fancy, honor circuit when the circle's every duke is clammy?
Trooper, scoop the food in pantry
Ante up, stupid!
May delusion feed em foofi candy

Adam Lambert - Hold On

I’m alone, headstrong now, we on a mission
Stompin’ out all the rules of the game.
Ante up, sleeves up, now you got the vision,
bullet proof and

Dogfight (Musical) - Some Kinda Time

[BERNSTEIN, spoken]
Ante up, ante up if you got it!

The Coup - Ride The Fence

Pro-prophylactic yet pro-creation
But I'm not anti-thug