Anthem The Rock Band - Don't Be Deceived

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Don't Be Deceived

Brothers, if someone's caught in sin
You need to restore him gently
But watch yourselves, for you know that it's true
Temptation might come to you
A man can sew seeds of destruction
Or he can sew seeds of love
Jesus gave us perfect instruction
In His ultimate sacrifice
Help your brother with his share of law(?)
To live in Christ's land(?) of love
If any man thinks he's more than he really is
Oh, he deceives himself
Don't be deceived, God isn't marked(?)
A man should reap what he sews
Don't be deceived, God isn't marked(?)
And you shall reap what you sew
Don't, oh, don't be deceived
Follow, follow, follow the Lord, don't be deceived
You can't, not in His will, can't be deceived
Don't be deceived, my brother, my sister
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