Anthony Amorim - Home



[Verse 1]
I drove past your house the other day
Just to see if you were home
And I was gonna’ call you up
But I knew that you would not pick up your phone
Why’d you have to go so soon?
We were young, we were fools, we had time
And I hope that I’m still in your heart
‘Cause God knows that you’re still in mine
And it’s hard for me to move on
When I lost the only thing i’ll ever know
‘Cause if you’re not coming back, then I’m not coming home
[Verse 2]
I drove past our spot the other day
Where we use to sit and soak in our youth
And I got mad when they said that you “weren’t coming back to me”
Cause I hate hearing the truth
You didn’t have to go so soon
You were young, you were afraid, you made a choice
And I’m not much for prayers but I’d get down on my knees and beg for you until I lost my voice
And everybody asks why I’d rather stay away, why I’d rather be alone
‘Cause if you’re not coming back, then I’m not coming home
I drove past your stone the other day
To see if my flowers were still there
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