Anubhav Narayan - Enlighten

  • Artist: Anubhav Narayan (देव भारद्वाज अनुभव नारायण मट्टू)
  • Translations: Arabic
  • Requests: Japanese


To light am I and for light I shall be,
To enlighten your mind and to set you free,
To believe, to be,
To find, to see.
To seek the serene beauty of thought,
To know the strength, bestowed, forgot,
To reign the minds of people to be,
To claim the right of destiny.
To travel this path is for what I have come,
To proper at last is for what I have come,
To be the morning of an endless day,
To enlighten the dark is for what I have come.
Submitted by SAKAE on Thu, 07/12/2017 - 06:47
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