El Fary - Apatrullando la ciudad (English translation)

English translation

Patrolling the city

At night with his car,
watching restlessly,
goes your friend the policeman,
national policeman.
The dangers that stalk him
he must face them,
because he acquired a commitment
with all the society.
Patrolling the city
patrolling the city
at night with his car,
he patrols the city.
Delinquence and vandalism;
violence and drugaddiction
with dedication and energy
he will be the salvation.
It's the same rescuing a dog
about to die crashed,
than avoiding a robbery
at the Vizcaya Bilbao 1
To the mothers of the drug
he offers consolation,
and chases the dealer
who has a dark heart.
Always on the alert,
always looking for peace,
What a annoyance he has
if he must draw his weapon!
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Apatrullando la ciudad

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