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    Apesar de Você

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In spite of you*

Today it’s you who gives orders
What is said, is said
There's no discussing it
Today every person
Talks about you behind your back
And looks to the floor, can you see?
You who invented this state
And who tried to invent
All this darkness
You who invented sin
Forgot to invent
In spite of you
Tomorrow will be
Another day
I’m asking you
Where will you hide
From our happiness
How will you ban
When a cock insists
To start singing ?
New water will be sprouting
And people loving each other
All the time
When the time comes
All this suffering
I will ask you to pay with interest, I swear**
All this repressed love
This contained shout
This samba in the dark
You who invented sadness
Please just
Disinvent it
You will pay double
For every tear that fell
Down my face
In spite of you
Tomorrow will be
Another day
I will even pay to see
The garden blossom,
The one you didn't want
You will suffer
When you see the sun shining
Without asking for permission
I will die of laughter
This day will arrvive
Before you can even think about it
In spite of you
Tomorrow will be
Another day
You will have to see
When the morning is born
How will you explain to yourself
When suddely
The sky gets clear
And people are gonna sing,
Facing you
In spite of you
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Apesar de Você

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