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    Apesar de Você

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In spite of you

Today you are in charge
What's said is final
There's no discussion
My people nowadays walk around
Talking furtively
And staring at the ground, you see?
You who invented this State
And decided to invent
All this darkness
You who invented sin
Forgot to invent
In spite of you
Tomorrow will be
Another day
I ask you
Where will you hide
From the enormous euphoria
How will you prohibit
When the rooster insists
On singing
New water welling up
And us, loving each other
When the time comes
This suffering of mine
You'll pay with interest, I swear
For all of this repressed love
This contained scream
This samba in the dark
You who invented sadness
Well, have the grace
to disinvent it
You will pay and pay double
For every tear shed
In this penance of mine
In spite of you
Tomorrow will be
Another day
I will bet on seeing
The garden blossom
Just like you didn't want it to
You will feel bitter
Seeing the sun rising
Without asking for your permission
And I will die laughing
For this day shall come
Sooner than you think
In spite of you
Tomorrow will be
Another day
You will have to see
The dawn arrive again
And overflow poetry
How will you explain yourself
When you see the sky clear up
All of a sudden, unpunished
How will you suppress
Our choir singing
In front of you
In spite of you
Tomorrow will be
Another day
You're going down
Etc etc
La laia la laiá
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Apesar de Você

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justarianna2nsjustarianna2ns    Tue, 18/01/2022 - 02:26

You say you have limited English language vocabulary but you did GREAT on this. Lots of nuanced words here, thumbs up.