Après l'ombre (English translation)

  • Artist: Les Discrets
  • Song: Après l'ombre 6 translations
  • Translations: English, Finnish, Italian, Russian, Turkish, Ukrainian
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After the shadow

This morning, near the forest
She was standing here next to me
Into the forests she rushes
Pulling me in her breath
In the land, no more steps
In the rocks, no more you
In the chapel trembles
A throat is shaken out
Take a scream from me, steal a life
Beyond the light
Obscure and Beautiful, I forget you
Lacking my soul, freed from your voice
Submitted by hafsa.kamoushafsa.kamous on Sat, 23/02/2013 - 15:33
Author's comments:

Attirer=Attract, drag, pull.
I think "dans son souffle" may also mean "in her way".


Après l'ombre

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