aquamarine (English translation)

  • Artist: vistlip (ヴィストリップ)
  • Song: aquamarine
English translationEnglish


I understand that the ending that I expected doesn't come
Component "egoism" remain at the bottom of the evaporated water
The most important thing of something bad
This surely confuses the fate to determine
A water tank of imprisoned heaven
One, Two I caught those steps, The attention of the line of sight doesn't change, it remains
The acrylic glass which I can't smash
Shut in it,
when I seem to run away. Like pretty Clione, You break it grotesquely
Among you can see me, I want you to forget it entirely
I will say it's a mission imposed on me
Even if am unpleasant, even if I suffer any kind of wound, Please, give nourishment to me who was imprisoned
Do you remember, time when I was alone?
The ego is still deprive the oxygen I slammed the shame,
choose silence with swagger, but dreamed the future.
Now, you're here ... right?
Shouts of joy resound through the stage line
Watch it
Dear jellyfishes
Example, this is in a water well, to me that expression, makes me extremely happy
Little by little, while air is stifling, At least, let me sing the rhymes
33 minutes ...
My eyes can't see anymore
Even though I'm too good to be baked
As for the pain, become the dead one is better, I endure it for you.
If there is tomorrow, I will do what?
is it possible that someday I remember that I ever felt happy?
In other words, is it possible there will be no regrets?
"I was happy", with a pride
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