Lila Downs - Arbol de la vida (English translation)

English translation

Tree of Life

A tree born (with) the fruit of humanity
germinates in (a) cave of spirits
snakes and fire of this place
that he said
for to populate the mountain of the heaven
course of fertility (the East)
course of the rising sun
home of life
Of stones sprout men that invoke
the search for their liberty
twenty-eight years passed
for that war
scared war of the heaven
search of worship more
strength of power and religious rite
time of death
Tree of my blood
Tree of my children
Tree of life
Tree of my God
Of a tree born (with) fruit made woman
the death went haunting their power
Sprout of their blood will die
their house and their town
abandoned will be
fire and blood will stain
the fruits of their fertility
Mother Earth will return
Mother Earth will return
Mother Earth will return
Trees of the gully
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Arbol de la vida

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