Argises Poli (Άργησες Πολύ) (English translation)

English translation

You were so late

Always, for a lifetime, against logic
The perfect prison, those who loved me
Where were you, for so many years
And I became a wound with all the things that touched me
With snows and rains
See how much I grew
And how much I was frozen in the past
That I don’t believe in fire
You were so late, I have no soul
I’m no longer a kid, I only look like one
You were so late, I cut like the glass
Whoever approaches and I get scared
I wish you can make me from scratch
I wish you can change me even though you are so late
You were so late, I’ve told you before
You are the island, the sea I’m looking for
But in my head, fences of the mind
Borders everywhere, on any map I make
My most innocent side
Is always hidden in shadow
Wanders in fears again
And once more is missing from my heart
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Argises Poli (Άργησες Πολύ)