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Noah's Ark

In bright sun, in mid of summer
Among gentle waves of greenery
fervent work is in its full swing;
I am building a boat on dry ground
An insect shivers inside the blossoming flowerbud
A peasant wades through shoulder-high rye
And I, working day and night,
am already done with broadsides and planking
Build the ark before the flood!
Summon all your strength to do it!
Build the ark before the flood!
Even if the crowd will mock your work!
What's most precious, needs to be salvaged
And after all, there is so much of it already...
Build the ark before the flood!
Turn down any unneccessary gesture today
I have to build such a boat
That will fit whole life inside it
No one believes my words
Everybody has important news
Somebody's arguing about their wealth
Other smells out an easy prey
Before he wakes up from his dream
I'll have built the mast and helm
Build the ark before the flood!
Don't be beguiled by choir of fools!
Build the ark before the flood!
One can already hear the thunder of stormclouds
Leave your quarrels for later
For once put faith in premonitions!
Build the ark before the flood!
Before in the end it devours you
Each of us is a boat in which
one can fight back against the flood
And emerge whole from the stormy cloud
All one needs to do is believe in it
But in the downpour, thunder follows thunder
And the shout that raises alarm comes too late
And too late the mouths filled with mud
Spit out my warning together with it
"Build the ark before the flood!!!"
I hear as I steer into the heart of the waves
"Build the ark before the flood!!!"
Screams the one who earlier laughed
Build the ark before the flood
of our own tears shed over our fate
Build the ark before the flood!
For the first and last baptism
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I've decided to share some of Jacek Kaczmarski's beautiful and meaningful songs with the world. Please take a moment to listen and read the translation. You won't regret it! :3


Arka Noego

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