Arm in Arm

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Idiomatic translations of "Arm in Arm"

ruku v ruce
Main dans la main
Mano nella mano
Рука об руку
El ele

Meanings of "Arm in Arm"



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"Arm in Arm" in lyrics

Tarkan - Kiss Kiss

Arm in arm with another man
She's driving me crazy
Blowing bubbles with her gum
Bursting them boldly

Eartha Kitt - It's so good

It's Good - Yes, It's good
The passers-by in the street -
Arm in arm, arm in arm -
Singing songs -

Tarkan - Kuss Kuss

Arm in Arm mit einem anderen Mann
Sie macht mich verrückt
Mit ihrem Kaugummi macht sie Blasen
Lässt diese dann frech platzen

Chip Taylor - On The Radio

Someone else's heart
Pumping someone else's blood
And walking arm in arm
You hope it don't get harmed

Classical Turkish Music - Üsküdar'a Gider Iken (full)- When going to Uskudar

A fragrant shirt also go to rob my clerk

The clerk walks arm in arm
The words of my clerk move me

Yves Montand - It’s So Good

It’s so good
To go out, no matter where,
Arm in arm[fn]lit.: arm over, arm under[/fn],
Singing songs.

Atif Aslam - I'm becoming yours

Arm in arm,
like an embrace,

Melendi - The promise

He knows it from the moment he sees her
And it doesn't matter if something is wrong
Nor whom she's walking arm in arm
If she laughs or if she is silent

Jacques Brel - Old people

The old people no longer move, their movements have too many wrinkles, their world is too little
From the bed to the window, then from the bed to the armchair and from the bed to the bed
And if they still go out arm-in-arm, all dressed up in stiffness
That is to go, under the sun, to the funerals of an elder, to the funerals of an uglier

Bosse - I'm waiting for you

But one thought of you is enough, to tear me out again
And then I'm walking down our old spots
Can see us partying, arm in arm through the town
So light were our flames, burning like a blaze

Dan Romer - We Will Rise Again

When the sky has cleared
And the storm has passed
We'll walk arm in arm
Down our promised path

Pokémon (OST) - Pokemon theme song

Komm mit mir, die Zeit ist richtig
Es gibt kein besseres Team
Arm in Arm werden wir den Kampf gewinnen
Das war immer unser Traum

BTS (Bangtan Boys) - Dionysus English

The illest

Drinking glass (sippin') arm in arm (tippin')
Thyrsos (grippin') grape (eatin')

Mozart l’Opéra Rock (Musical) - Tattoo me

on your gildings

coming out arm in arm
and haven't fear of their vile

Ukraynalı Öğrencilerden (Anna Trincher ve Diğerleri) - A New World

There were walkers arm in arm with gratitude
Then everyone reached to this way
There were walkers arm in arm with gratitude
Then everyone reached to this way

Barış Manço - Blind Love

I don't know how to tell, I'm going black
As if the world became upside down
All the lovers are hand in hand, arm in arm, they are hanging around so fine
And I'm like on my own in Noah's ark*, believe me

Emilie-Claire Barlow - It's So Good

It's so good
To just go anywhere,
Arm in arm,
Singing songs.

Simge - Ram Ta Tam

Ram ta tam bingo!
Head-to-head, arm-in-arm always
Dance with me now

Barış Manço - melancholia

i dont know hot to tell,my eyes gets dark
as if the world turned over the reverse
every lovers are hand in hand,arm in arm,they are hanging araound so fine
but i am like the one in the ship of Nuh,belive that

Barbara - Tell me when you will come back

And spring is for love whispering under the moon,
And together we'll smell fresh flowers in bloom,
As we stroll arm in arm down Paris streets soon.