Arrimarse al sol que mas calienta

Submitted by Mark Steve on 07.01.2017

Arrimarse al sol que mas calienta (Spanish) — This "Expression" could mean, and sorry for the inappropriate language:

To kiss somebody's ass :)

Another possible explaination is as my friend (Ww Ww) suggested [] :
[quote=Ww Ww ]'To get close to the sun that is hottest'. To get, or be close to people, or an institution that is important or successful. This is done so that you will learn from them, be protected by them, have power through them and succeed. It is with a positive, a good intention.[/quote]

English, explained by Mark Steve on Sat, 07/01/2017 - 21:27

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Germansein Fähnchen nach dem Wind hängen