Aruban National Anthem - Aruba Dushi Tera (English translation)


Aruban National Anthem - Aruba Dushi Tera

Aruba patria aprecia
nos cuna venera
Chikito y simpel bo por ta
pero si respeta.
O, Aruba, dushi tera
nos baranca tan stima
Nos amor p’abo t’asina grandi
cu n’tin nada pa kibr'e, cu'n tin nada pa kibr'e.
Bo playanan tan admira
cu palma tur dorna
Bo escudo y bandera ta
orguyo di nos tur!
Grandeza di bo pueblo ta
su gran cordialidad
Cu Dios por guia y conserva
su amor pa libertad!
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Sung in Papiamento. Request pending to have it added.

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Aruba sweet land

Aruba appreciated homeland
our beloved native soil
even though you are small and simple
you will be respected.
Oh Aruba dear country
our rock so beloved
our love for you is so strong
that nothing can destroy it.
Your beaches so much admired
with palm trees all adorned
your coat of arms and flag
the pride of us all
The greatness of our people
is their great cordiality
that God may guide and preserve
his love for liberty!
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